Artistic and Cultural Immersion

2018 – Byrock Water Holes & Brewarrina Fish Traps

Moorambilla Voices artists will travel to Byrock Water Holes and Brewarrina Fish Traps for the Cultural Immersion from 2-6 July 2018.

2017 – Mt Gundabooka

Moorambilla Voices artists travelled out to Gundabooka for the annual Artistic Cultural Immersion, working in Ngemba Ngyiampaa country with elders from Gundabooka and Brewarrina.

We were delighted to work with our Elder over the Gundabooka area Aunty Dot Martin from Bourke, Phillip Sullivan from Bourke, who sits on the Co-Management Committee Gundabooka and Mount Grenfell, Brad Steadman, an Ngemba man with extensive cultural knowledge, and Melissa Kirby a Wayilwan woman born and raised in Brewarrina. Her grandmother’s language lives through her and we are extremely honoured that she is sharing it with Moorambilla!

The over 11 Moorambilla artists in residence were part of the immersion: composers Pat Baker, Kevin Barker and Josephine Gibson, Noni Carroll, photographer in residence, Jacob Williams, choreographer in residence, Tainga Savage, regional intern, Sara Tinning, lantern maker, Ryuji Hamada, Taikoz percussion artist, Clive Birch, speaker, Phoebe Maroulis, visual artist, and Pete Thompson. We can’t wait to develop the program further into the Baradine camps. 

Stunning photography by Noni Carroll captures the landscape and the cultural experience.

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Moorambilla Voices relies heavily on financial support to inspire and encourage the amazing children from the far rural and remote areas of NSW.