Baradine Residency Camps

Each year 300 students attend a camp where they dance, sing, compose, paint, weave, play drums and learn about the cultural traditions and stories of their landscape. This is delivered in partnership with the highest quality professional musicians, performers, composers, choreographers and visual artists including Queensland Ballet Ed Squad’s Jacob Williams, Dance Intern Tainga Savage, Taikoz, Song Company, the Australian World Orchestra, composers Josephine Gibson, Kevin Barker, Patrick Baker, photographers Noni Carroll, lantern artists Jyllie Jackson and Sara Tinning.

The schedule is as below:

  • Moorambilla Voices Residency Camps

    Aug 9 – Aug 20, 2017

  • September Residency Camp:

    Sep 20 – Sep 22, 2017

Primary Boys Residency Camp

Aug 09 - Aug 12

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Primary Girls Residency Camp

Aug 12 - Aug 15

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MAXed OUT Residency Camp

Aug 16 - Aug 20

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Moorambilla Voices relies heavily on financial support to inspire and encourage the amazing children from the far rural and remote areas of NSW.